Thoughts of a Madman? -A Short by Eric

The music here is so loud. I think I remember the song. It was my favorite at one point, wasn’t it? Hit ‘em up or something like that, by that hot girl with the tight booty jeans. Man, do I ever miss booty jeans. How long has it been since the world went to shit? Six months? A year? I don’t know, all I know is I’ve been working here for three months, picking up jobs as I need them. Not too different from what I did back when the world was sane, just with a different threat. Yeah, those were the days, I’d get a call, jump a plane, go to some 3rd world shit hole and steal the aid supplies and hand them off to the guys who “really” needed them, or at least paid to have them. Some people called them rebels, revolutionaries, whatever… I didn’t give a shit. We called them clients, and fuck did they pay well. I wasn’t the best at my job, but I knew how to stay alive. Good thing too, because that made me an asset to have on jobs.

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