“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” – Albert Einstein

Boy, is it hard to keep BALANCE sometimes. Keeping up with life AND trying to fit in time to write…. that is a challenge. I start to think of ways to get more time in for writing – ‘Well, If I had woke up 2 hours ago.’ ‘If I only played 1 hour of video games.’ ‘Do I really need to spend time eating?’

All things considered, I find that the more I write, the easier it comes to me, and the more time I magically have in my day to commit to writing. Once I stop writing, it becomes harder to start back up. I get a little rusty and have to start over.

The good news is, I finished my character back story and bio. I know, you don’t NEED either of them to write well at all. You may not need them, but I am so particular about the way I do things I have to build things from the ground up or everything will just get lost in the void. My mind just becomes this violent, thrashing ocean of ideas and words when I am deep in thought. And I am going to need a bigger boat.

Any who, three cheers for me. I finished a bio and back story. This basically sets me up right to the point we want to be in our book so I can begin Chapter 2. The character is Morgan Avery. She plays a big part in said book. She comes from a broken home and abusive parents. The following excerpt is after she had went out for a bit to escape her drunk father and came to the revelation – she is moving out.

Thank you all for reading!



P.S. My food is finished, it is time to finally catch up and watch the first episode of the new season of True Blood! ::excited squeal::
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