Nessa’s review of ‘The Last of Us’!

I have finally finished The Last of Us! It took a couple sleepless nights and many squeals of terror, but I did it. I only played on normal and I did not aim to 100% it. Regardless, I want everyone to know just how good the game is. So!  Brace yourselves for the noobish review I am about to lay on you.

For those unfamiliar with the game, The Last of Us is a PlayStation 3 game by Naughty Dog. It follows the story and adventure of a man named Joel and a girl named Ellie as they make a dangerous trek across a post-pandemic US.


The Game-play  I have never played the Uncharted series, but my boyfriend has. He says it plays very similar, almost identical.  This would make sense since they are both made by Naughty Dog. It plays very linear, with little deviation off the beaten path of the game. You always know which way you need to go in order to get past the current part you are on. Also, you have a choice of being stealthy about it or just going in with your guns blazing, although being stealthy and picking your battles wisely is by far the easiest way to do it. In my opinion, it was sometimes difficult even on normal, which added to the fun I had playing the game. You were given quite a plethora of weapons throughout the game, with the ability to upgrade them as well. Your opponents were a mix of Infected and humans who just got in your way or tried to mess with you. It was at times predictable which you would be up against next.

I would rate this portion a generous 3/5.


The Story(Possible Minor Spoilers): While this was no tear-jerker, I found myself so immersed in the game’s story line so much that I just HAD to know how it would end.  The game uses a real life parasite, the fungus that infects ants and controls them, and uses it to create a scary and real infection I wanted to know more about this Cordyceps. The characters were great, I loved Ellie, a tough girl who could hold her own, and Joel, a scary bad-ass that you wouldn’t want on your bad side. What is more amazing is the growth these two showed during the progress of the game. I am incredibly satisfied about how the game ended. One of my favorite features, which Resident Evil used to do, was the little notes from other people you would find. You know, those survivor notes, scientist logs, little bits of story strewn about the world for you to just pick up and find and read. I remember saying once that I was sad that Resident Evil doesn’t do that anymore. I loved it and this game had me searching every nook and cranny for little bits of story.

This game did a fantastic job and I would give it a 4/5.


The Graphics: First off, this was NO Skyrim. But… it is everything you expect from a PlayStation game. Long loading times – great visuals. I have this vivid moment sitting on my couch with my boyfriend playing this and watching a rabbit come out of a hole. All I could think was ‘Damn, that looks almost real!’  The areas you had to go through were so detailed, the cut scenes were brilliant. The Infected were creepy looking and were disgusting as well, meaning they did really well with that.

On a scale of 1 to Skyrim, I’d give this a strong 4/5.


Replay Value: Once I played through the game on Normal, I had the option to play on Normal+ or start a new game on hard. I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Playing the game once, regardless of how fun it was, wouldn’t give me the same feeling as the first run through. I wish I had access to that thing they had in Men in Black, the one that erases memory. I would use it every time I wanted to replay the game so I could relive the adventure over and over again with the same enjoyment. But I can’t. I probably would play it again, but it would be in a couple of months when I am bored of everything else in the world or if I feel the need to 100% the game.

I would rate this one on a 2/5.


(These last two do not have a rating because I don’t feel they are that important but rather just side notes)

Price: I normally gripe at the price of video games. The price of video games is just too damn high. At 60 bucks, I value this game worth the price I paid for it. I wouldn’t trade it in for anything. I will proudly display the box next to my other valued video game treasures.

Loading Times: Come on! It’s a freaking PlayStation game! We expect long loading times so long we can beat a whole ‘nother game while we wait. I kid, The only time I really had to wait on a loading time was when I first load up the game to play, the beginning load was so long I took a nap and read War and Peace. After that, it was smooth sailing.


I hope you all enjoyed my thoughts on the game. I recommended you definitely give this one a try!






P.S. Maybe now I  can get back to writing!

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