“A Year from Now You May Wish You Had Started Today” -Karen Lamb

Hey internet,

Sorry I’ve been gone for a while. I had to move back home, I know, I know. Sounds sad, but I need to do it, so I can afford to go back to school. I’ve also been slacking in writing, which kills me, because I don’t want to stop the roll we were on. So, I’m getting back into the groove of things as soon as I can, Fam Jam has been wanting me to spend time with them the past few days, but I’ve been brainstorming where I need to go with the story. Where it’s going to end up. All the while putting a bedroom and a living area together with the few pieces of furniture I own. I really need to get a couch or something. Maybe a nice armchair.

This is something I’ve needed to do for a long time. books have been my life, and I feel that I need to give back to everything that has opened my mind to what has brought me to where I am today. It’s going to be a long process, I know there will be times that I can’t or I don’t want to tell this story. But, I will always come back to it. Knowing, one year from now I’ll wish I had started today.

Thanks for reading.


A creative way to brainstorm and generate ideas!

Sometimes I get the urge to write so bad I will grab a pen and a notebook and curl up on the couch and just stare at my blank white page. I pretend I have magical powers in my eyes that will just summon words to the paper. The urge and want to write is there, but the words and ideas won’t flow freely. This becomes a problem. Here are some ways I counter that:

Music: Listening to music is probably my favorite way to brainstorm. I use this particular method I like to call “Sound-tracking”. I listen to a song and ask myself this question: If this song was playing in a movie or show, what would the scene be like? I can listen to the words and the sounds and I am able to almost see in my mind a scene unfolding. Music helps me get into certain moods as well. 

Watching Boring TV: OK, so Planet Earth ISN’T that boring. It is really educational and the scenery is beautiful. Some of the best ideas can come from taking something that is a fact in our world and adjusting it to fit your world. I have sat there before watching TV, shows like Planet Earth, 1000 ways to die or even sitcoms, taking notes on a small pad or book. Looking back on them when I need to brainstorm or get an idea really helps me out.

Read a Book:  Reading has always been one of the best ways to get ideas. I don’t consider it stealing so much as doing research. You writing a novel about Vampires? Read both sides of the Vampire coin, Get an Anne Rice book and that one about the girly Vampires that sparkle. Read the books that look and sound really cheesy. Don’t just read the BEST book for the genre, read the mediocre, the boring, and the bad as well. You can learn what works, what doesn’t, and even improve current facts and myths.

Look at Pictures:  A picture is worth a thousand words. You can stare at a picture and just let your mind wander about it. Look at the picture and write down as many questions as you can. Like this, Why was this picture taken/painted/drawn? Who is that person/thing? Why are the doing this/that? What IS that? Why is the sky green instead of blue? Once you have your questions, take a moment and answer them yourself making it up as you go along. You have just started brainstorming! See how far you can take it from there! 

Hope this helps you the way it has helped me!




“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Well, chapter 2 has been done for a day or so. Eric and I had a very productive meeting over the chapter and what is to become of our book. We really have our differences in thoughts and ideas, we can go back and forth a million times until we do have that same singular agreement and thoughts. Once we get on the same path of agreement, we find it easier to branch out from there. We have been MIA from the blog scene for a bit so I’d thought I’d stop by and say hello.

I am sure you noticed our lack of posts. We kind of hit a bit of a writing rut and have been dealing with real life problems outside of our fantasy nerd world. Hopefully getting back on track will be easily done. We are two chapters in and excited and anxious to finish our first collaborative masterpiece. Even if just one person reads our story, it will be an amazing experience for us.

On a side note, I am a Bronze League player in League of Legends. I cannot get out of bronze no matter how hard I try, how good I am, it never fails that I am matched up with people who throw the game because “my mom hit the router” “GG they got first blood AFK in base” “OMG ::insert random laner here:: just took my kill, report them” .. I could go on about the plagued matches I have had. It really made me think that I should lay off the games until kids are back in school… Or have one of my friends carry me XD.

The most important thing I need to remember is NOT TO GIVE UP!! I told myself I will make it to silver league. I will keep trying! Just like with writing, when words will not come out – I will force them out. What comes out may be twisted, trashy, and worth nothing… but to me if I can make something come out it will jump start my creative energy again.  We will finish this book because we said we would. Even if the result is garbage – the lesson we learn will carry us into our next projects.


NessP.S. Eric is camping for the weekend, he most likely will get eaten by a bear or moose while taken a bathroom break, drunk, in the wilderness of Canada. We will all say a prayer for our lost fellow Nerd. Updates when this happens.

Nessa’s review of ‘The Last of Us’!

I have finally finished The Last of Us! It took a couple sleepless nights and many squeals of terror, but I did it. I only played on normal and I did not aim to 100% it. Regardless, I want everyone to know just how good the game is. So!  Brace yourselves for the noobish review I am about to lay on you.

For those unfamiliar with the game, The Last of Us is a PlayStation 3 game by Naughty Dog. It follows the story and adventure of a man named Joel and a girl named Ellie as they make a dangerous trek across a post-pandemic US.
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