“You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” -Jack London

I sat last night listening to Nessa type away at chapter 2, sometimes clarifying why something happened in my story the way it did, or my thoughts on what will happen next. After she was finished writing we started getting on the subject of what was going to be happening in our story. I realized something. We were looking for the book to go two different ways to, not just end the story, but tell it. This was our first real clash as collaborating writers. This being said, we had worked side by side for years in World of Warcraft, as either guild officers, raiders, achievement hunters or near the end Co-leaders of our guild, this wasn’t the first time we had ideas that clashed. We both are passionate about what we think, regardless of what anyone else thinks of it. I was starting to think, after our disagreement, that this might be over before it started. That’s when I thought back to every other time we had ended up tell each other off, I gave it about an hour then messaged her to play League of Legends. We did, and we made a few seriously awesome comebacks. It was great!

I have one little bit of advice for any kind of artist or writer who wants to collaborate with someone else, ever. Do it. Don’t be afraid, just learn how to compromise, learn how to stand up for what you think is right. And most of all learn to not take what you’re doing so seriously. Sure, it may be your sole source of income, it may be your idea baby. Don’t get bitter, never be hateful towards your collaborator. Because, in the end, it’s the idea of two people working together, and you will both end up getting what you want, a brilliant piece of work that you can both be happy with.



P.S. I know I always seem to ask this, but give me a prompt, tell me something stuck in your head. Is it a phrase? A quote? A song? I want something not set up by the site to write (because I’m edgy and original :P) I want to write something for you guys!

Here’s an excerpt from our first chapter!

“Dr. Tythos Kapur.” whispered Dr. Lawrence Strathard, “I’ve heard a very troubling think from the Board, and I believe you may wish to hear it.”

        It was lunchtime, Dr. Lawrence Strathard, the very man who had recruited Dr. Tythos Kapur, had invited him to a nearby bistro, on the pretense of catching up with an old friend. They had not spoken since Dr. Kapur had first extracted the fungus from its first host. The bistro was small, although it was jam-packed with all sorts of people. The bistro had only opened up about a year ago and had done very well for itself since. Dr. Kapur had never gone, but had heard great things. Looking around the room he saw a few other researchers he knew quietly chatting over their own lunches. Many of the scientists that worked with the ANSA did not let on to the general public what it was they did, there was no rule stating they could not say they were scientists, or that they worked for the ANSA, it just so happened that most of their work was top secret and because of this most of the researchers and scientists just simply did not talk about their work.

        Returning his attention to his companion, Dr. Kapur noticed again how ugly this man was. He had numerous acne scars all over his face, reaching down into his shirt. Underneath all of those scars though, Dr. Kapur saw what used to be a handsome man, with a powerful jaw, a strong nose and a commanding appearance overall. His eyes were a deep blue and his hair was a bright yellow.

        “Rumours, Dr. Strathard?” Laughed Dr. Kapur. “You should know I rarely put stock in such things.”

        “These are not rumours my friend, I overheard the Board Members talking about it, it seemed very serious.” Dr. Strathard said with a very serious face, only breaking eye contact when their waitress place his chicken panini and Dr. Kapur’s shrimp parmesan on the table. “Thank you, young lady.”

        “Whatever you say Dr. Strathard, let’s hear thus rumor of yours,” smiled Dr. Kapur. He had a feeling that he knew what the rumor was going to be. His timing was perfect.

        “It seems that a strain of ophiocordyceps monolateralis had been found in a very large pack of wolves in Colorado, no one seems to know why they’re there, but they remembered that it wasn’t too long ago that you disposed of a german shepherd mixed wolf.” said Dr. Strathard, suspiciously.

I think I’ll end it here for simplicity’s sake. Also, so you don’t get to read the whole thing! 😉


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