The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure. -Joseph Campbell

You know what? Sometimes people just don’t make any sense to me. Like last night, there was some concert or something going on in the park across the street from my apartment complex, there was some pretty fun sounding music being played and I wanted to know what was going on. So, I got dressed, put down my pen, and went over to my friend’s apartment, where I knew most people were, and asked if anyone was interested in seeing what was going on and maybe enjoying some of the music. No one was interested, they just wanted to stay in and play games, and don’t get me wrong, I would normally have been there with them, maybe I was just feeling adventurous. But, going down, I met some people, had a few conversations, dancing a bit and overall had a lot of fun! Looking back today, I’m sad they decided on playing video games because they missed out on one hell of a free concert.

I can understand where they were coming from, but, it was just across the road, if they weren’t having fun they could just leave, only losing a few minutes of game time. I wonder why people do this, because I know even I have a tendency to do things like this, we keep with what we know is fun, or at least was fun, and we don’t explore new things. I think my new mantra is going to be similar to the movie “Yes man”. Yes, I will try that new kind of food I normally dislike. Yes, I will jump out of a plane with you! Yes, I think I would like to ask this pretty girl out to coffee. Yes, I will go to that free yoga class. Regardless, I had fun with the music, the people, everything. I wish my town-city had more things like this, or I at least knew about them before they were half over.

Speaking of half-over, I finally finished writing the first chapter of our novel. Once I transpose it from paper to the computer I will be posting an excerpt, I hope you’ll read it and let us know what you think! I’m always looking for constructive criticism on my work.

We have never posted what started this whole thing did we? Well, let me tell you a little story! (sorry I’m all over the place today) One day, I just woke up after having this dream of someone I know, (no, not that kind of dream) and all I could remember from the dream was myself saying this one sentence, “… And then you were there.” That’s all. That idea was in my head all morning, from seven in the morning when I got up for work, till my break at eleven thirty. So, on my break I did something I rarely do, I stayed at work for lunch. I bought a notebook and taking out my trusty work pen I started putting ideas down into words. And by the time I was done twenty five minutes later, I had a flash fiction story. At this point, I hadn’t written anything other than story for Dungeons and Dragons in a number of years. This to me felt poetic and meaningful. That night looking for criticisms I went to my friend, Nessa, who I knew had a secret passion for writing she had never done much with. Rather than criticising my short, she praised it and we stayed up till all hours of the night talking about stories we had been thinking about for the past few years. That night, we made a plan and we started the idea that has now evolved into what will someday (I hope soon) become our first joint novel.




P.S. Here’s the story that sparked all of this craziness!

*       *       *

… And then you were there. I could not remember why you were there, why we lacked eyes from across the room. For a moment, a brief eternity, we did. I was lost within my imagined memories, reliving false conversations, swimming into your eyes.


… And then you were gone. When I retrieved myself from my thoughts your eyes, you had vanished as quickly as you appeared. I searched frantically, hoping to catch sight of you again. Perhaps my stare made you uneasy? I needed to know! I guessed you must have gone to the dance floor, so I excused myself from my company to search for you. If only to apologize for my uncouthness. I vaguely remember you wore a red dress…


Although I approached many red dressed women non, sadly, were the breath-taking beauty that you were. I decided you must have seen me come after you and left from fright. This cannot stand! I must do something! I must find you and apologize! I return to my company and retrieve my coat and hat, bidding them good night and explaining my disappearance with illness.


As I step into the cool spring evening I notice snow starting to fall. I look for any sign of you.


… And there you are. You are standing on the corner under the street lamp, lighting a cigarette. You are wearing a being ladies trench and your hat. You look back and see me, you are grinning. I approach, thinking to offer my apology, but right now it doesn’t seem necessary. I offer to light your cigarette. You accept, not breaking eye contact, you take a deep drag.


The light seems to be getting brighter, I can’t say why, the street lamp is still dim. Is it you? Are you making things brighter?


I will realize that we will not have spoken yet. I will try to release myself from your eyes. You will make me relax with just a smile. I will smile back even through this pain. I will continue to question why it is so bright. I will not understand why you start to cry. I won’t see you holding our family. I won’t see them get old, graduate, have their own families. I will relive the moment I fell in love with you.


… And you will be here.


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