“Just vomit words onto paper until you get to the point where you just say ‘FUCK! I need to end this!’”

Wow! I got a lot done! So, the slow cooked barbecue chicken with baked beans and some seasoned rice… amazing. I really have a knack for cooking. The last load of laundry is being set to wash, my kitchen is clean, and words are put down on paper. (thank goodness says Eric) I even won some games of League today. (Mostly ARAMS, ended the night with a win with Malzahar… the other team surrendered at 20.. very boring, but that is a rant for another day)

I really put myself into this writing today, going as far to think and channel parts of myself into this character. It really left me thinking… There is a possibility I will have to kill this person off. How do you do it George R.R. Martin? How do you kill characters you must have poured your soul and life into? I feel like she is almost a real person, a part of me. I would have to conduct a funeral if my story ends up killing her. Even I don’t know how the story will end yet. It is still so fresh in our minds that things change on a daily basis. All I know is this is one real person I created.

Today’s biggest battle, once I overcame my laziness – getting sidetracked. I found myself losing focus and would just tell myself… write one more page, one more paragraph, sentence, thought, word, letter….

My favorite advice for this was from Eric, his suggestion on how I can overcome this: “Just vomit words onto paper until you get to the point where you just say ‘FUCK! I need to end this!’”

All in all though, I can certainly feel accomplished today. Tomorrow I have work so I should enjoy my last few hours curled up with a composition notebook and my favorite blue pen! ❤




P.S. I leave you all with a anime character theme that kept me going today. Fairy Tail’s Erza and her theme! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFRbKyL-xkU


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