“Great things are done when men and mountains meet.” ― William Blake

So, I was thinking yesterday as I was writing. That every writer kind of needs a vice. Something that focuses them on what they’re doing. Be it coffee, cigarettes, liquor or something else. But then I thought a little more, are they really vices if they’re helping us focus on something we love so much? Once upon a time, people used to sniff “snuff”, which was a brand of cocaine, because they thought it cleared their sinuses and helped them focus. At that time it wasn’t seen as a vice unless you did it to excess.

Perhaps then, our vices aren’t really all that bad as long as we use them properly. Isn’t that kind of the point of it all? Balancing out the good with the bad to try and improve yourself and others? I’m not too sure, all I know is I’m going to have to run to Tim’s soon and get me a coffee to jumpstart my brain into writing mode. Maybe today I’ll just get a large rather than the extra large…

So, I finally started on the first chapter of our book. The book with no name. Just kidding. We’re not too sure what we’re going to call it yet, but I think that like most things the name will come with time. I hope to have the first chapter completed by next monday. Anyone have any idea what an average length of a chapter might be? I was thinking about 30-40 pages depending on what’s happening. But I’d like to know what you guys guys think.



P.S. Some days I really hate play league. Last night was one of those days. I favour playing Top AD bruisers and I always get them in ARAMs. Which isn’t all that fun. Unless it happens to be MANTHEON! Which is awesome. Although, today I played top as Woad King Darius and had a really good time dominating my lane, sadly gamed ended on a 20 surrender. Oh well, was a good way to start my day off!


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