“You fail only if you stop writing” ~Ray Bradbury

A note from Ness

It’s really hard to put a pen to paper and force words to come out. That’s why its good to take a break sometimes and just let your mind be free. Play a video game, read a book, or watch some T.V. You will be surprised how good it is for your creative process.

As an example, I just lost like 3 games of League of Legends in a row. I know, terrible, I am not the best player, but man do I LOVE the champions. So many champions! Each unique in their style, gameplay, and backstory. It makes me want to create a champion myself (and maybe I will for you guys one day!). I know I draw a lot of creative energy from stuff I already see and how I feel and mold it into something newer, and in my mind, better.

I am really just mindlessly rambling and procrastinating unlike Eric, who wrote 6 pages last night while I sat on the couch watching the Dresden Files!  Another good source of creative feels, watching T.V shows! I have read the books and I really like how they brought to life a character from the book and adapted him to the show, almost perfectly how I imagined him. I can only hope that my own writing can someday be brought to life on screen… if I ever finish writing anything that isn’t procrastination fueled

But, I digress. I am just getting my daily writing bit in for the day and a shameless display of my League of Legends skills.



P.S Shout-out to Every Rose Has A Thorn (http://sshalsnoysite.wordpress.com/) for being our first follower! Thanks for your support!

A note from Eric


Like Nessa said, I was writing a little short story, I had gotten a little blocked up. So, I just started writing and venting my frustrations into a new short. It ended up being longer than my usual shorts, which is nice. Since we’re going to be trying to write a for reals book, this gave me a good feeling inside.

Nessa also told me about our first follower! That’s something I wasn’t expecting just yet! Thanks “Rose”!

Anyways, I’m gonna post my little short and maybe get back to writing.



P.S. I found my notebook and now I’m back on track!


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