Welcome to Nerd out with our Words out!

A Note from Ness

You probably came here for something interesting and written by someone cool, I am sorry to disappoint you. We are just two nerds, Eric, and myself, Ness. We are writing our first novel together and for your viewing pleasure this blog will contain the pieces of our sanity that we will lose on this adventure down the road and  lifestyle of first time authors.

From brainstorming to long sleepless nights, with a dash writers block, this blog will be our  diary. Expect to hear our bitching, moaning, and groaning along side our excitement and some first time author advice. As this book grows from a small seed into the most bad-ass plant you will ever meet, we will do our best to document everything as if it was a newborn child, from its first poop to its first step.

Occasionally, you may be rewarded for your loyalty with a glimpse into our minds. Posting of snippets or teasers from the realm of our insanity or just ranting because we lost a game of League of Legends. We hope you enjoy what we have to offer and keep on the lookout for our novel so new we haven’t even thought of a title yet.

This is phase one for us as new writers, write as much as possible, even if it has nothing to do with the story itself. So here we go! Procrastination has began in the form of a blog. It took a record 4 hours, an I-Tunes playlist and many words to get here.



P.S. Eric already lost his handy dandy notebook that he wrote ideas in. It took him a coffee and some hard metal to get him into the writing mood today. Let this be a warning, guard your writing notebook with your life. If you love to write and don’t carry a notebook with you, you’re not writing enough.

A Note from Eric

As Ness has said above, NEVER LOSE SIGHT OF YOUR NOTEBOOK! You need to chain that thing to your side, or attach it to a piercing or something. Your notebook is probably the first place you write anything, that is if you’re like me… I need to hear the scratch of my pen to get into my characters… the sound of typing only reminds me of working in a office and gets me all confused and off track, like most things do.

Whether you’ve stumbled upon us, or a friend told you to take a look here, I hope that you can appreciate what we do. Or at least tolerate it enough to tell us what you think! Our sanity and love will be going into what we post here and I hope we can stop arguing about who’s going to die first and actually get around to some real writing.

You will probably see me posting some short stories not associated with the book or idea of our book. That’s just me getting rid of writer’s block. Sometimes I just need to have my pen do something completely different for a little while. And I know (so will you soon) that Nessa will be doing so many other things in addition to this one! I hope you’re as excited as I am to see what she gives us on her “block” time.

Well, I guess I should get back to work… Or at least something like work!



P.S. I really can’t express how much you lose even if you only have a few pages written… it’s sad really. Take care of your writings! You never know when you’re going to start a long term relationship with your pen.


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